Facebook Photo Size Cheat Sheet

If you are a social media manager or simply someone who loves to upload photos to Facebook, you are in need of this information.  So many times you upload photos to Facebook and they are cropped.  In most cases what is left is not flattering at all.  I suggest that you use a simple photo editor like Paint and resize your photos to the Facebook photo specifications.  Each element in Facebook has a specific size.  A friend of mine, Miranda Miller, wrote a wonderful, thorough article on each element size for Facebook entries.  I refer to it constantly, and so should you.  Click here to go to Miranda’s article.

Let me know how your newly sized uploaded photos are now showing on Facebook.


Your Social Media Solution for your business.

Most businesses don’t have time to set up and run social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest. Everybody knows that connecting and engaging in conversations with prospective customers is a gradual but sure way of securing long term business relationships. Give them a good reason to trust you, and they will buy your products or services.

Social networking is what you need when you’re either too busy or don’t have the manpower to engage with your customers, tweet or post on Facebook or LinkedIn on a daily basis. So, let me assist you by asking yourself the following questions:

1. Can I have someone working on my accounts with a flexible arrangement, like 30 hours per week or 20 hours per week? (Yes)

2. Is there an internet marketing agency that would charge for less than hiring a full time marketing person? (Yes)

3. Can I focus and target on a specific marketing niche or geographical area? (Yes)

4. Is there a contract? (Yes) Can I cancel it at anytime? (Yes) Is there a cancellation fee? No.

Contact me and let’s get a Social Media Strategy put together for your business.

What’s Your Tagline?

What is your tagline and how did you come up with it?  Social Media has great photos of all the social platform icons that a lot of businesses use.  It’s an easy way to get the idea across but am I promoting the social platforms or me?  I have spent a good chunk of my evening searching and reading many many taglines trying to come up with something catchy, not over the top but something that stands out.  I have also learned that the colors used on your website/blog are a big  deal.  I read How Color Theory Affects Landing Page Conversion which I found interesting and thought blue tones, yup, that’s me.

So bottom line, what do you think of my first attempted tagline, AND, what do you think of the overall color of my site?  Please comment below.

Over and out for now.

Keep smiling.


Another organization wins with a Facebook promoted event

Another day, another dollar.  Middle of November and working with businesses promoting their events on Facebook.  Great time of year for many, many events.  I find myself quite busy not only with my Social Media work, I also have a Home Based Baking Business this time of year.  It has taken on a life of it’s own, so why question it, just go with it I say.  I am also the President of the Tara & District Kinette Club.  We recently had an event and I asked the public as they entered the room how they heard of our event.  Facebook won the most votes with our newspaper ad showing a single vote.  That certainly says something doesn’t it?  Hopefully more and more businesses will see the value in a Facebook presence in the Owen Sound area.  Too many business are not taking advantage of this gold mine.  I must put forth a plan to convert them, one at a time…:-)